Week 20 Disc Golf Junkies Putting League Results

Week 20 Manchester NH Disc Golf Putting League

22 people came out to putt and these four rose to the top; 4th place Fred, 3rd place Jonathan Christy, 2nd place Cody and 1st place Blaine. Chooch scored a perfect round tonight to earn a free string of bowling donated by Spare Time. Thanks to Chooch for donating a 1st place disc golf trophy for the end of the season winner. Thank you to Bill and Norma of Breakin Chains for donating a mini MVP basket that will be used for the second place trophy or raffled for Special Olympics. Thanks again to all who brought a basket and helped set up and take down.

By Blaine Faulkner
February 14, 2018

Makes Attempts % Points
1 Blaine Faulkner 6
2 Cody White 5
3 Jon Christy 4
4 Fred Lusky 3
5 Chooch Maroon 2
5 Tammy Coburn 2
5 Chad Myers 2
5 Jason Barry 2
9 Chris Mergemekes 1
9 Evan Cote 1
9 Steve Foster 1
9 KC Moran 1
9 Adam Antinoro 1
9 Chase Lagrassa 1
9 Jonathan Carlisle 1
9 Julia Roux 1
9 Kris Wiley 1
9 Daniel Marcus 1
9 Mike Mcallister 1
9 Coop Poulin 1
9 Christina Demeritt 1
9 Corey Chabot 1
Leaderboard updated 2/15/18



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