Mr. Sippys Smokin Spring Doubles Tournament at Otterbrook DGC NH

Tournament DirectorDerek Dussault

Registration Opens March 1 2018

Click the above link for more info.

About this tournament


This is going to be a super fun spring tournament to start the year off at otter Brook we’re just going to be done completing another overhaul of tree removal so the course should be in Tip-Top condition we will be adding four more holes out in the Park area where we can have some big bomber holes so the format is going to be one round of 22 holes then we have mr. Sippy’s smoker here where he’s going to be putting on a show with all sorts of smoked food will do that with some games with CTP some long-distance drives and then the top 10 teams will go to a final 9-hole round and the top 5 teams will win cash. Check for updates with more to come this is going to be super fun and I hope you all can make it!



Sunday, May 6, 2018
– 8:50am
– 9:05am
Quick player meeting
– 12:15pm
Round 1 of 22 holes
– 1:30pm
Eat lunch at Mr. Sippys smoker!! Long distsnce throw and CTP’s!!
– 1:35pm
Quick player meeting for top 10 teams
– 3:15pm
Round 2 final 9 ( top 10 teams )
3:30pm Payouts and trophies!!

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$70.00 GEN General

Refund policy

Otterbrook DGC keene is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


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